Product Specifications
Roller Blinds 
The most advanced and practical technique. Natural, decorative and technical fabrics, opaque, semi-opaque and polyscreen, with a wide range of colors, satisfy all your needs regarding decoration and sun protection.


Rollite blinds
 It is a new roller blinds application technique, which allows to install the blinds on the window or door frame, taking advantage of all the space between the frame and the glass. Its installation on the window frame allows a better control of the light with minimal space occupied allowing complete movement of the window or door, even in places where it is difficult to assemble other blinds.


Vertical blinds
 Great for installing at home or at work, will stand out on large windows, whether you choose fabric or PVC. Versatile roller blinds, available in straight, curved and ladder format.


Venetian blinds
With simple adjustments it is possible to control the brightness of the room. This way, not only the light is controlled, but the privacy inside the room as well. There is a wide range of materials and colors as well as different slat widths.


 Roman blinds
Our vast collection of colors and fabrics follow the latest trends in textile fashion, combining textures and colors that, together with three different control systems, form the most complete market offer.


 Pleated Blinds 
Fits any type of windows and spaces. Ideal for covering small half-moon shaped, triangular or trapezoidal glass. Available in translucent, metallized and flame retardant fabrics.


Sliding Panel 
The ideal choice for decorating large spaces such as balconies and room separators as well as large windows. We offer a wide variety of fabrics, ideal for modern decoration.